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Default Special Summer Night admission ticket

During the Summer Nights at SeaWorld' event, Seaworld is introducing a new reduced rate ticket for admission after 3.00 pm. This ticket will be available until August 14th and will cost $49.99, instead of the normall all day admission price of $79.99.

This ticket will allow you to enjoy the firework show (which is brilliant) as well as 'Shamu Rocks,' the evening show which features the killer whales (sensational - it will have you on the edge of your seat!) and 'Sea Lions Tonight,' an amusing show which stars the lovable sea lions. There is also the new Summer Nights Central party zone which opens at 6.00 pm.

This seems to be a welcome addition to the normal ticket as it means you can still spend 7 hours in this fantastic park, and see all the special night time shows.
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